SA Masters Soccer League


The South Australian Masters Soccer League (SAMSL) was established in 1982 to provide a competitive, yet friendly league for soccer enthusiasts aged  35 and over. Since then it has gone on to become the premier masters soccer league in South Australia.


In it's current form it consists of twenty teams divided into two divisions of ten teams each. There is promotion and relegation between the divisions with the top two teams from division two swapping places with the bottom two from division one each season. The season runs from April to September, with all games played on Sunday mornings at Barrett Reserve, West Beach (see map), and either start at 9:30am or 11:00am.

All officials and participants are encouraged to be competitive, but above all else to adhere to an ethos of fair play and good sportspersonship. We are affiliated with the Football Federation of South Australia (FFSA), and enjoy the benefits of affiliation such as access to pitches and referees, and use of the FFA player registration and match reporting systems.


In addition to our regular season, SAMSL are happy to assist FFSA in their off-season competition held from October to December and their pre-season competition held from February to April.


A current initiative being explored is a representative team to compete as South Australia at masters tournaments such as the 2019 Australian Masters Games. It is hoped that this will come to fruition and provide both a level for all players to aspire to and a team the whole state can get behind.


Traditionally a mens competition, SAMSL have been asked by FFSA to consider a womens competition, and it is hoped that we can get this up and running in some form soon.


Most of our games are played at Barrett Reserve, West Beach, with the occasional game played at Adelaide High School.

The pitches are numbered 5, 1, 2, 3, 4 as you head from Military Road to Tapleys Hill Road.

Finding a park park may be difficult and more so during the West Beach Road improvements.  Also be sure to follow the instructions for parking on the signs as parking tickets for parking the wrong way round are not unheard of.


At the core of the league there is an executive committee, made up of a chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer. An additional two directors may also sit on the executive committee as appointed by the executive committee.


In addition to the executive committee, there is a committee of delegates that meet regularly to discuss all matters relating to the day to day running of the league. Each team has a delegate, and their delegates are expected to attend the majority of delegates meetings throughout the year.


A separate disciplinary committee occasionally meets to resolve disciplinary matters, and this is chair by the league chairman.




Vice Chairman  & Secretary




Referee Liaison


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