SA Masters Soccer League

Pre-Season 2019

Following the success of the 2018 pre-season tournament the FFSA have agreed to run a similar tournament  in 2019.


The pre-season tournament is an ideal time for new players to try out with different teams, for teams to try out new players, and obviously for players to build their fitness ahead of the 2019 season start after Easter.

Hopefully 2019 will be bigger and better with more teams involved.


Teams looking to be a part of the competition should contact Mercedes, and of course let us know so we can list your team here then players looking for teams can find you.


Mercedes will be able to provide entry forms etc.

If you are a new team please let us know via our contact page.



Players looking for teams should post their availability on our Facebook group. Most club managers are members of the group and should see your post and hopefully get in touch with you.


Should you wish to contact a specific team, please ask us to put you in touch via our contact page as it is our policy not to publish  contact details on this site.

Confirmed Teams (30-Oct-2018)


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